What is Reiki?




Reiki is a Japanese term.
靈 Rei means something mysterious, ethereal, sacred and the energy of the Heavens.
氣 Ki means the atmosphere or something subtle and the energy of the Earth.
Actually, the Japanese word Reiki is rather a combination of two Kanji (Chinese characters) of 靈 – Rei, and 氣 – Ki.
Kanji (hieroglyph) can take on different meanings depending upon what the other kanji it is combined with.
The Japanese dictionary defines 靈 Rei (24 strokes) as: «spirit or spiritual», the spiritual aspect of human being as contrasted to the physical; human spirit or soul; departed soul, ghost; the Universe; Divine, luminous, charismatic, mysterious; a supernatural (mythical) beast or being; the luminosity of God or Sage; a fairy, an elf; reverence, sacredness, or blessing; inconceivable spiritual ability; charismatic power; charisma, wonderful, a wonder; a rainmaker, a diviner, a person or being with spiritual or supernatural powers; a shaman; a goodness; good, excellent, efficacious.
The Japanese dictionary defines 氣 Ki (10 strokes) as: something unseen; atmosphere; air, breath, or steam, vital energy (universal or personal connected with the breath); spirit, mind, heart, nature, disposition, motivation, intention, feelings, ambience, mood; In the view of Zhu Xi and other Neo-Confucians, the material force constantly reproduced. Ki consists of breath with rice (rice in Japan is something used as a synonym for people).
So, simply put, the word (of 2 kanji 靈氣) ReiKi can possibly be defined as a sacred energy of the Universe (of the Heavens and the Earth) which infuses and sustains all life (Universal Life Force Energy). When this energy flows uninterrupted, there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well-being.
Usually we are not aware that we live in a world of energy (energy of the Universe that nourishes and maintains all living things) because we don’t see it, like the air, so we don’t pay attention and we take it for granted. But without air how long can we survive? Without the energy of the Universe we wouldn’t be here. Thanks to Reiki – the energy of the Universe – and the air, we are here alive, breathing.
As to another meaning, in Japanese Reiki is also a common noun which means a mysterious feeling people experience deep in the mountains or shrines and when they cannot find the words to describe such a subtle, transcendental, mystical sensation (feelings), they choose to say: “Oh, I feel Reiki.”

Reiki is a non-dualistic (monadic) healing energy 

Reiki is not a belief system (religion) at all

Since Reiki is a Japanese term and not a belief system (religion), it is open to be combined with any religions, and can be defined by you according to your personal spiritual or religious beliefs and views. You may find Reiki equal to the energy of: the Creator, the Source, One Great, Holy Spirit, Healing Love of Jesus, etc. What really matters is to let this energy uplift and cultivate your spirituality, help you to re-remember your true nature, see things as they truly are.
Gradually, with continued practice, Reiki can guide you to higher levels of mental clarity, harmonious physical and spiritual wholeness that opens up your true disposition: inner peace, unconditional love, wisdom and compassion for all life. That is to say that you become the embodiment of the infinite light and love you are, the harmony and peace you are, the gratefulness, compassion and loving kindness you are, which you manifest with your full essence.

Reiki works on all levels:
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;
individually and globally

Reiki refers to the inexhaustible energy of the Universe, which cannot be defined, measured or confined, so many people who use the term of Reiki are usually referring to a system of natural hands-on healing (Reiki Ryoho) by means of channeling the energy of the Universe. Practitioner’s hands are placed just above or lightly touch the body of the recipient, though the healing can also be done distantly without being physically present in one and the same place. This hands-on healing was founded by the Japanese man Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and evolved as a result of his experience, dedication to make it available for the good of humankind so that anyone may be blessed with this heavenly gift – the oneness of the spirit, soul, mind and body – and heaven-sent well-being may be realized in one’s life.
Usui’s “Reiki Ryoho” is a unique and original art of mind/body improvement which is based on the power of the universe; a person first becomes healthy and then the soundness of thought and the joys of life are enhanced. It is a two-folded practice: therapeutic (healing) practice and spiritual practice – the art of spiritual awaking (a path to self-realization). At its core Reiki is first and foremost a spiritual practice, meant for personal enhancement and personal enlightenment. This means that it is more than just to heal or cure physical problems, one does not have to be physically ill to experience all the benefits. In its essence Reiki treatments can help and work on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is THE ART TO IMPROVE MIND AND BODY (not body and then mind). Mind always comes first, before body.
There are many examples from different studies on the mind-matter interaction and the mind-body connection. We already know that human intention can have a direct effect on our physical material world in multiple ways. Studies within quantum physics also illustrate this fact. Human intention is able to actually collapse the quantum wave function.
Our thoughts and feelings influence the chemistry that regulates much of our health – how we feel – for better or worse, they have a direct effect on our biology and impact on our attitude/behavior – our choices of action which are very important especially now in these changing times because they constantly create or disrupt our peace, happiness, self-security and well-being. It is through deepening our mind/heart/spirit intelligence, coherence and connection that humanity will be able to shift from separation to cooperation resulting in higher solutions to our personal and global problems.

“With an impure mind one creates illnesses and sufferings.

With a pure mind one creates well-being and happiness.


Every individual’s energy affects the collective field environment. The means each person’s emotions and intentions generate an energy that affects the field. A first step in diffusing societal stress in the global field is for each of us to take personal responsibility for our own energies. We can do this by increasing our personal coherence and raising our vibratory rate, which helps us become more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day. We have a choice in every moment to take to heart the significance of intentionally managing our energies. This is the free will or local freedom that can create global cohesion” Dr. Deborah Rozman, the President and co-CEO of Quantum Intech, Inc. – the parent company of HeartMath LLC.
The Universe is immaterial – mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.
Richard Conn Henry Professor of Physics at the Johns Hopkins University (quote from scientific journal “Nature”).

Personal view on Reiki energy by Sensei Hyakuten Inamoto:

• Deeply penetrating warmth is typical of Reiki energy. 

• Reiki energy penetrates deep into the body for deep, soothing 
comfort and relaxation. 

• Reiki energy is more like “Far Infrared Rays” discovered by NASA, 
the safest, most beneficial natural light wave…
• Far infrared rays are powerful detoxifier shown to destroy cancer 
and viral cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

Interview with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei regarding Reiki and Reiki Ryoho


Reiki in our daily use

Reiki can be given to:

  • Animals (pets), fish, birds.  image-0-02-01-a2674faeabac7533027fa18244a8556b0327adef8322b7485d74fdf51eecd9d9-V
  • Plants, flowers, seeds.
  • Food stuff, meals, water, other drinks so as to correct and/or rebalance.
  • Drugs (medicine) so as to correct and lessen side effects.
  • A room (place) so as to clear the negative energy off the room.
  • Be creative and try Reiki on anything around you.


Reiki Therapy – Alternative Medicine
which is very compatible with other modalities of healing

These days Reiki is widely offered in the wellness sphere. As a form of alternative medicine or complementary therapy it is successfully used in medical centres, hospitals, hospices, wellness and spa centres all over the world, especially in North and South America, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Australia and Europe. It is commonly defined as energy healing or energy medicine that aims to restore and activate the natural flow of energy within the body, remove blocks.. it is similar to acupuncture or acupressure. Reiki is a therapy based on the biofield, or a type of energy field that “regulates everything from our cellular function to our nervous system” (so it works on the cellular level of tissue, muscle, organs and bones…)
Reiki brings forward the wisdom of the body itself or the bodily memory of healthy and harmonious functioning.
Reiki sessions can boost the wholesome recovery and help people become more balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
By balancing and improving the flow of energy within and around the body, Reiki can:
• produce a profound estate of relaxation;
• alleviate depression, anxiety, sleep disorders;
• reduces all different types of stress, pain and other symptoms of illnesses;
• helps to cope with difficulties;
• speeds healing;
• increases immune system;
• improves overall wellbeing and provides a better quality of life to the individual.
Reiki treatment is a process that anyone can enjoy in the normal course of their life. It can be used alongside with other conventional or complementary treatment modalities including any type of massage, CranioSacral therapy, sound therapy, etc.
Conditions that Reiki has been used in to help treat include cancer – it increases the defense in oncology patients to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy; heart disease, anxiety, autism, fatigue syndromes, infertility, chronic pain, Cron’s disease, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, depression, digestive problems, neurodegenerative disorders…
Over more than 20 years ago, Reiki was brought into the operating rooms of some of America’s top surgeons, including Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman.
Reiki is successfully used in hospital Emergency Rooms, Pre-Op, Operating Room, Post Op, Oncology, Cardiology (including heart surgery), Orthopedics, and Internal Medicine as it is observed that it helps individuals recover faster and has a very positive effect on the usual postoperative complications.
Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman and Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International LLC have joined forces by working together to make it possible for a very important medical study to be conducted in order to prove the efficacy of using Reiki in the high-tech reality of modern medicine.

http://Medical Reiki


What are the BENEFITS of receiving Reiki Therapy

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, people use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being.
A Reiki treatment may do the following:
• Bring about a peaceful, deep state of relaxation;
• Dissolve energy blockages and tension;
• Detoxify the body;
• Support the well-being of a person receiving traditional medical treatment that are debilitating (e.g., chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, kidney dialysis);
• Supply universal life force energy to the body;
• Stimulate the body’s immune system;
• Help to relieve pain;
• Stimulate tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery;
• Increase the vibrational frequency on physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels;
Reiki, which is used all over the world in places including hospitals and hospices, aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
One of many examples on the research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT showed that Reiki patients had: – Shorter stays in the hospital – Less bleeding during surgery – Need for less anesthesia – Used less pain medications.

These are just some of the prestigious USA hospitals where Reiki is applied:

1. Mayo Clinic has Reiki as one of the relaxation services:

http://Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

2. Cleveland Clinic Lyndhurst Campus has Reiki as Wellness and Preventive Medicine (health-improving and prophylactic medicine):

http:// Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine

3. Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center as part of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, offers Reiki in the gastroenterology and hepatology departments:

http://Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

4. Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania Reiki Therapy is available for any type of patient in the Department of Radiation Oncology:

http://Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

5. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Lebanon. Reiki there is one of the Healing arts to complement cancer treatment:

http://Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

6. Boston’s Children Hospital Reiki is integrative medicine:

http://Integrative Therapies

7. Spaulding Rehab – Rehabilitative Medicine, Reiki as complementary medicine:

http:// Complementary medical Service

8. Brigham and Women’s Hospital has one of the largest hospital Reiki programs in the world, integrative recovery program:

http://Integrative Care Program

9. Dana Farber Cancer Institute

http://Dana Farber Cancer Institute

10. Duke Integrative Medicine

http://Integrative Medicine Training Programs

11. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

http://Integrative Medicine Therapies & Education


UK Largest Private Hospital Operators – BMI Healthcare Limited (54 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK), Reiki is a complementary medicine:

http:// Complementary Therapies


http://The list of worldwide hospitals which are using Reiki

“Everything is Energy” by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
stem cell biologist Internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit

On the earth stands shaman with her arms raised against the sky. From the heaven the rain comes down with lifesaving energy consisting of three part: light, love, wisdom/power. The shaman acts as a channel (channeling this energy down to all people of the Earth). The Reiki teacher is the channel when he or she initiates students, and the practitioner is the shaman when he or she channels this spiritual energy to the people treated”. From the book by Robert N. Fueston «Reiki: Transmissions of Light, Volume 1- The History and System of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho».
“Universal Life Energy” “Reiki is God Power” by Hawayo Takata Sensei.


“Traditionally Reiju 靈授 (initiation) is given in person; face to face.

“Touch” (the laying-on of hands) plays a pivotal role in Reiju process; a series of things we do in order to achieve a particular result. Touch in the form of the laying-on of hands is to impart the healing energy and information to Reiki Ryoho students. There is an unbroken succession of Teachers and Shihans, linked by the sacred touch of Reiju ritual, right back to the founder, Usui Sensei.

Reiju with “touch” — a visual symbol of an unseen transmission of not just of the healing energy but also of the information. Touch is a means of communication, an expression of unity, a bonding of people. It is a key to giving and receiving information and to help us bond.

Is “distant (online) Reiju “possible?

Theoretically it seems possible, for there exists a distant healing in Reiki Ryoho systems. And yet we need to understand that sending Reiki energy from a distance to someone and passing (imparting) Reiki energy and the information on to another is a different story, and that the distant Reiju does lack an important and pivotal factor, that is, “TOUCH.” The pivotal factor of a good old tradition: “in person Reiju” and “touch” must be maintained.”
Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei’s statement from July, 2020.
Komyo ReikiDo© All rights reserved.

Komyo ReikiDo dis-allows on-line Reiki classes with distant Reiju & will not recognise certificates issued by these classes.

Komyo ReikiDo follows, preserves and keeps IN PERSON Reiju tradition alive with the highest respect to the Founder of the Japanese Healing Art, Usui Mikao Sensei.

Online Reiju is not allowed by Inamoto Sensei and is not recognized in the Komyo ReikiDo standards of teaching and practice.

Komyo ReikiDo Ukraine
Victoria Romanova

During Reiki Ryoho (Japanese Healing Art) sessions, some practitioners can be more sensitive than others, some may even feel byosen before a treatment starts. Some have psychic abilities and are able to hear, see or sense things that most people do not. If we experience all that, naturally we are tempted to think that we are doing the healing. We start to analyse what we feel, hear and see. We try to work out where the energy should go and what would be the best way to cure a disease or malfunction of the recipient – all because we sincerely want to help.

Often the question arises: What should we do when we became so sensitive, when we see and hear things, or feel pain in our body or strong hibiki in our hands?

Inamoto Sensei says: “It is all very personal, some people are more gifted than others, more sensitive or skilful. Not everyone has to have such gifts or abilities. It can be very helpful to sense imbalances or health disorders in recipients, but basically, we don’t need anything like that. We are here just to place our hands.”

Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei reminds us that: “Japanese Healing Art of Reiki Ryoho is not about doing or thinking. It is about SURRENDER 100% to the Universe. As Reiki Ryoho practitioners, we DO NOTHING and THINK NOTHING in the way of healing. Reiki knows where to go and how to heal for the highest good of the person. We need to be the purer (cleaner) Reiki channel (conduit) possible. Less ego, more room for love — the healing energy of the Universe.”

Inamoto Sensei’s advice to us is: “Do not get attached to your sensations. Your ego and self-clinging are an obstruction in the channel for Reiki healing energy to travel through. Keep your practice simple: Place your hands, surrender and smile. Reiki Ryoho is the art of surrendering.”

Author: Victoria Romanova
Certified Komyo ReikiDo Teacher / Shihan
Komyo ReikiDo© Ukraine. All rights reserved.
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To learn more about the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki Ryoho or to sign up for seminars with Inamoto Sensei, please contact us directly by email: komyoreikido@ukr.net ; komyoreiki.ua@gmail.com
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Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, people all over the world have been struggling with all kinds of health issues and mental, emotional and spiritual disorders. Naturally, as Reiki Ryoho (Japanese Healing Art) practitioners, we want to do all we can to serve and support others. We may now be offering distant Reiki healing more often, individually or as part of a group.
Questions often arise around permission and distant healing. Are we allowed to do distant healing without permission? Should we inform recipients? Is it appropriate to send Reiki to someone without asking them? Could it cause bad karma?
Actually, the answer might be quite simple. Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei always says: “Reiki is the energy of the Universe. It is Reiki that does the fine job of healing. Reiki always works for the highest good of recipient”.
Inamoto Sensei reminds us that we do nothing in the way of healing. As Reiki Ryoho practitioners, we put our ego aside and just surrender to Reiki.
When asked about his own practice, approach, Inamoto Sensei usually answers: “I do distant Reiki healing with permission and without permission. Sometimes we cannot get it, especially when the person is in a coma or emergency room or just simply uncontactable”.
His advice to us is: “Follow your heart — your kokoro. If you feel more comfortable with permission, please ask for permission. But if it’s not possible to get a permission, remember that Reiki always works for the highest good with permission or without permission. Trust Reiki”.
Author: Victoria Romanova
光明靈氣道 Komyo ReikiDo© Ukraine
To learn more about the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki Ryoho or sign up for seminars with Inamoto Sensei, please contact us directly by email: komyoreikido@ukr.net; komyoreiki.ua@gmail.com
and/or mobile: +380683167077 (WhatsApp/ Viber)
Sincerely and Gassho,
Certified Komyo ReikiDo Teacher / Shihan — Victoria Romanova
The Founder of Komyo ReikiDo® Ukraine, official representative of Inamoto Sensei.

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