“Victoria helped me this summer after I had mistakenly eaten a dish that contained a grain to which I am severely allergic. Within an hour, I began to suffer acute, incapacitating abdominal cramps. Victoria kindly offered me Reiki treatment. She instructed me to lie down, close my eyes, while she was gently placing her hands over my body. During the Reiki treatment I could feel warmth through her hands, on my head chest and stomach areas. it made me immediately feel calm relax and happy because after moments my pain subsided. Thank you Victoria for your Reiki and your caring.”


James from Portland, USA



I would like to express the words of gratitude to Viktoria. In this world, she has become for me like a light of sunshine.Trough the light she generate and brings to people love, happiness, peace of mind and harmony. I am so thankful to her that she has become my First Spiritual Teacher, for sharing with me a wonderful knowledge of Komyo Reiki Kai. When she was giving to me Shoden class ( First level) – during Initiations,  first time in my life I felt inner peace in my mind, I felt like I am floating in the sky, everything became so quite, lightness of the moment – here and now…and pulsations in my arms.

I understood, that Reiki Ryoho is not just a Healing Method -Practice, but rather the Spiritual Path to the Truth! Thank you so much Viktoria! Let divine unconditional love pervade all areas of your life.

I wish you success in Komyo Reiki Kai and lots of great students.”

                              Anna, Napoli Italy

Thank you for holding the first level Komyo Reiki initiation for me.   It was incredible!   A golden energy gushed through your hands giving me a feeling of heat and vibrations.  Intensity of flow was such that I can only describe it as a state of infinity, timeless and absolute serenity.   During initiation all my thoughts disappeared.   I felt like I was dissolved in a loving wave of light that gently enveloped me. During and after the initiation my eyes dimmed with tears, as if that were a symbol of purification and transformation. 

By practicing Reiki every day, I can realize the emergence of harmony within a state of happiness and lightness.  I am confident Reiki sessions are very helpful for healing the physical body of any disease. For example, the effect of flu (colds) was evident immediately.  My high temperature went to normal after the session. 

Victoria, once again thank you for helping me discover the world of Komyo Reiki, and becoming my teacher along the way! I wish you success, inspiration and magic! Continue to fill with light all people around the you and the Universe !!!”   


    Victoria Kiev, Ukraine


Stomach Reiki healing during driving.

One afternoon we were driving home in our car after a beautiful hike in Oregon, USA. My husband said that he was not feeling well– that he was experiencing a very sharp pain in his stomach. There was no place to pull the car over at that moment on the busy freeway. So I proposed to do a Reiki healing as he was driving. I asked my mother, who was sitting behind him, to also do a distant healing at the same time. We asked Reiki energy to heal my husband the highest way is possible here and now. The road was smooth but fast, it was difficult to position my arms. But I kept following my intuition. Me and my mother were continuously channelling Reiki energy including our eyes. After 7 minutes, he remarked that he felt much better!The pain was gone and he was happy to drive us home for another one hour.

Passenger Reiki healing during my long distance flight

During my long distance flight from Amsterdam to Portland June, 2016, I heard an announcement asking if there were any doctors on the airplane. I felt that perhaps I might help with a Reiki healing. So I approached one of stewards and politely offered my help. She replied that there was already a medical doctor helping the passenger and invited me to return to my seat. But I felt a persistent intuition that perhaps the medical doctor might not be able to help. It was such a strong message in my mind that after 10 minutes, I approached another stewardess to explain to her about the Komyo ReikiDo Method. She became very interested but said first to wait on what doctor will say, and then if doctor could not help, they would call me.

Foot Reiki healing at the beach, by stepping on the sea-urchin.

One afternoon I went for a walk on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar. I was enjoying the lovely blue sky, beauty of the ocean, and lots of amazing starfish during an ebb tide. Suddenly, I felt something sharp and prickly enter my foot. It was a small, flat dead fish covered with white, tiny needles–like a sea-urchin. I quickly tried to pull all the stickers out, asking the Reiki energy to heal my foot. I said to myself: “if the Founder Mikao Usui, by walking down from Mt. Kurama could heal his leg, Reiki can heal mine as well!”

After 10 minutes I started feeling better. 

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