The Komyo ReikiDo Ukraine mission is to spread Hyakuten Sensei’s Teaching for all Russian and Ukrainian speaking people, by offering all levels KRD classes, gathering practices, retreats, providing educational materials, based on Komyo ReikiDo philosophy – the Way of Komyo Reiki teaching and practice. We do not mix or teach other Reiki/healing modalities.
• We support and preserve the authenticity of Komyo ReikiDo Teaching by understanding, going deeply into it’s essence, by following our shared never ending spiritual path, our DOJO in daily life, path of integrity, growth and improvement which is helping us to cultivate and uplift spirituality and the whole being so as to attain the ultimate objective of Reiki Ryoho, i.e., “the absolute INNER PEACE” or “Satori” or Enlightenment”.

• Peace, harmony, compassion and sustainability on a collective global scale resulting from each person being able to live and act in alignment with their true nature, true selves, their unique talents, interests and disposition.


• We provide upgraded teaching manuals (information) to ensure the highest quality of education;


• We practice Reiki Principles (precepts) in our daily life;


• We organize Reiki gatherings.


• We organize seminars, conferences and retreats around the globe to incorporate Reiki practitioners for the sake of humanity, for creating healthy climate in Earth.



• We believe that living a mindful, peaceful, and harmonious life can facilitate spiritual awakening and enlightenment for all people.

• We attend to life’s gift of the present in order to advance our happiness and health, and we look for the opportunities it provides for gratitude, joy, and appreciation.

• Awareness of Oneness, of our interconnection with the nature, people and all living beings is our Ecological Awareness which clarifies our responsibility and opportunity of cause and affect that our thoughts and actions have on other people, our planet and creation.




Stomach Reiki healing during driving.

One afternoon we were driving home in our car after a beautiful hike in Oregon, USA. My husband said that he was not feeling well– that he was experiencing a very sharp pain in his stomach. There was no place to pull the car over at that moment on the busy freeway. So I proposed to do a Reiki healing as he was driving. I asked my mother, who was sitting behind him, to also do a distant healing at the same time. We asked Reiki energy to heal my husband the highest way is possible here and now. The road was smooth but fast, it was difficult to position my arms. But I kept following my intuition. Me and my mother were continuously channelling Reiki energy including our eyes. After 7 minutes, he remarked that he felt much better!The pain was gone and he was happy to drive us home for another one hour.

Passenger Reiki healing during my long distance flight

During my long distance flight from Amsterdam to Portland June, 2016, I heard an announcement asking if there were any doctors on the airplane. I felt that perhaps I might help with a Reiki healing. So I approached one of stewards and politely offered my help. She replied that there was already a medical doctor helping the passenger and invited me to return to my seat. But I felt a persistent intuition that perhaps the medical doctor might not be able to help. It was such a strong message in my mind that after 10 minutes, I approached another stewardess to explain to her about the Komyo ReikiDo Method. She became very interested but said first to wait on what doctor will say, and then if doctor could not help, they would call me.

Foot Reiki healing at the beach, by stepping on the sea-urchin.

One afternoon I went for a walk on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar. I was enjoying the lovely blue sky, beauty of the ocean, and lots of amazing starfish during an ebb tide. Suddenly, I felt something sharp and prickly enter my foot. It was a small, flat dead fish covered with white, tiny needles–like a sea-urchin. I quickly tried to pull all the stickers out, asking the Reiki energy to heal my foot. I said to myself: “if the Founder Mikao Usui, by walking down from Mt. Kurama could heal his leg, Reiki can heal mine as well!”

After 10 minutes I started feeling better. 

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