The Buddha says:
“Everything whatsoever has the mind as the source. The mind is the master builder, and of the mind is everything made.
If with an impure mind one speaks or acts, suffering follows him in the same way as the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.”
“Everything whatsoever has the mind as the source. The mind is the master builder, and of the mind is everything made.
If with a pure mind one speaks or acts, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him.”












Be glad means ‘void of anger’, Be happy means ‘void of worry’

In the practice of Reiki Principles lie huge rewards and spiritual growth. The practice should be incorporated into your daily routine.

  • Focus on the present. Stay in the here/now. It is important to remember that there is no other moment like the present. The present is the only real thing you can work with. Never mind yesterday, never mind tomorrow.
  • Be glad and grateful first to yourself for being here, now and alive, which is a miracle.
  • Give your thanks to yourself, then to all beings and things around you. Say a big “thank-you” to anything that is happening to you. Be thankful for little things, big things, everything.
  • Your attitude towards yourself conditions your attitude towards others.
  • If you are sincerely grateful to yourself, anybody and anything around you, there is no anger, nor worry. There is only the feeling of thankfulness or gratitude.
  • Be glad and grateful that only something good happens. Give thanks to any life’s challenges trusting that anything, event, situation etc, will turn out good. Anything can be … “A blessing in disguise.”
  • Look within and without, and count your blessings. Keep a “gratitude” journal.
  • Be thankful, (thought) Say “thank-you” (speech) and bow your thanks (bodily action).
  • Go back to nature and be embraced by the beauties of hers, which you rise
    above the world of duality.
  • A daily practice of “non-attachment” or “Go placidly in the midst of praise or blame”.
  • Rise above the temporal world of duality. Be calm and peaceful, and walk placidly on a path to the world of Oneness or Non-separation.
  • Do not get attached to anything, good or bad. Remember that from attachment comes suffering.
  • Enjoy a cup of tea, which helps you to transcend the world of the pairs of opposites.

”Of the mind is everything made”.
With an impure mind one creates illnesses and sufferings.
With a pure mind one creates well-being and happiness.
“Of the mind is everything made” can be rephrased “Of the word is everything made.”


I create as I speak (I create like the word.)

You create your world and phenomena with your own words and that the good words attract good things, the bad words attract bad things.

A good cause brings forth a good effect and a bad cause, a bad effect.

In ancient Japanese the word for “words” (koto言 ) and “things”(事 koto) was the same.
Japanese word “koto” meant both the word (言)and the thing(事 ).

Yamato (Japan) was considered as “the land where Kotodama helps thrive.”

Ancient Japanese people believed that the word was “Kami” (Divine Being) or deity. They believed “everything one speaks will become real.”

Simply put, the word is reality.

If you realize how powerful your words are, you should make a conscious effort to choose your words carefully before you speak.
Your speech should be positive, kind, gentle and compassionate. It should never be negative, harsh, critical, hurtful or malevolent.

Note: The word becomes consciousness (thought) and action. The word determines one’s consciousness and action, even physical conditions, that is, health and/or illness. For instance, if you keep on saying “I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it…” Keep on repeating the word, eventually your ears will cease functioning and you will have difficulty in hearing.



Information provided from Komyo ReikiDo manuals with Hyakuten Inamoto permission.


Stomach Reiki healing during driving.

One afternoon we were driving home in our car after a beautiful hike in Oregon, USA. My husband said that he was not feeling well– that he was experiencing a very sharp pain in his stomach. There was no place to pull the car over at that moment on the busy freeway. So I proposed to do a Reiki healing as he was driving. I asked my mother, who was sitting behind him, to also do a distant healing at the same time. We asked Reiki energy to heal my husband the highest way is possible here and now. The road was smooth but fast, it was difficult to position my arms. But I kept following my intuition. Me and my mother were continuously channelling Reiki energy including our eyes. After 7 minutes, he remarked that he felt much better!The pain was gone and he was happy to drive us home for another one hour.

Passenger Reiki healing during my long distance flight

During my long distance flight from Amsterdam to Portland June, 2016, I heard an announcement asking if there were any doctors on the airplane. I felt that perhaps I might help with a Reiki healing. So I approached one of stewards and politely offered my help. She replied that there was already a medical doctor helping the passenger and invited me to return to my seat. But I felt a persistent intuition that perhaps the medical doctor might not be able to help. It was such a strong message in my mind that after 10 minutes, I approached another stewardess to explain to her about the Komyo ReikiDo Method. She became very interested but said first to wait on what doctor will say, and then if doctor could not help, they would call me.

Foot Reiki healing at the beach, by stepping on the sea-urchin.

One afternoon I went for a walk on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar. I was enjoying the lovely blue sky, beauty of the ocean, and lots of amazing starfish during an ebb tide. Suddenly, I felt something sharp and prickly enter my foot. It was a small, flat dead fish covered with white, tiny needles–like a sea-urchin. I quickly tried to pull all the stickers out, asking the Reiki energy to heal my foot. I said to myself: “if the Founder Mikao Usui, by walking down from Mt. Kurama could heal his leg, Reiki can heal mine as well!”

After 10 minutes I started feeling better. 

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