Gyosei Waka Poems




Usui Sensei selected 125 Gyosei (or “waka” (和歌) a Japanese traditional poem) from among about 100,000 poems composed by Emperor Meiji. One of them is chanted at the start of each Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai gathering in order for the members to purify their defiled thoughts with the chant, and to prepare the mind for receiving Reiju.




1) 秋の夜の月は昔にかはらねど
世になき人の多くなりぬる (月)

Akino yono tsukiwa mukashini kawaranedo
Yoni nakihitono ooku narinuru (Tsuki)

While a moon on an autumnal night remains just the same as ever,
In this world the number of the deceased has become larger. (Moon)


2) あさみどり澄みわたりたる大空の
広きおのが心ともがな (天)

Asamidori sumiwataritaru ohzorano
Hiroki onoga kokoro to mogana (Ten)

As a great sky in clear light green
I wish my heart would be as vast. (Sky)


3) 暑しともいはれざりけりにえかえる
水田にたてるしづを思えば (をりにふれて)

Atsushitomo ihare zarikeri niekaeru
Mizutani tateru shizu wo omoheba (Orinifurete)

Thinking of lowly people standing in a boiling hot paddy field
I hesitate to utter “it’s hot”. (Upon occasion)


4) 遠くとも人の行くべき道ゆかば


Tookutomo hitonoyukubeki michiyukaba 

ayaukikotowa arajitozoomou

No matter how far you go, as long as you take the right path,
nothing dangerous will come to you.


5) 千早ぶる神のひらきし道をまた


Chihayaburu kaminohirakishi michiomata

hirakuwahitono chikaranarikeri

It is the vigor of people that will pave further the path paved by god.


6) ともすれば思はぬ方にうつるかな


Tomosureba omowanuhouni utsurukana 

kokorosubekiwa kokoronarikeri

Things are apt to go and unexpected way
What you have to mind is your own mind itself.


7) 榊葉にかくる鏡をかがみにて


Sakakibani kakurukagamio kagaminite

hitomokokorowo migaketozoomou

A divine mirror covered by the leaves of a Sakaki tree is so shiny without any clouds. 
People polish your soul until it is as the mirror.


8) こころある人のいさめの言の葉は


Kokoroaru hitonoisameno kotonohawa

yamainakimino kusurinarikeri

Advice of a sincere person is regarded as great preventive medicine.


9) 目に見えぬ神にむかひてはぢざるは


Menimienu kaminimukaite hajizaruwa 

hitonokokorono makotonarikeri

Facing invisible gods without having anything to be ashamed of
is to be genuine human.


10) われもまたさらにみがかむ曇なき


Waremomata saranimigakan kumorinaki 

hitonokokoroo kagaminiwashite 

I (even, if I am the emperor) will polish the mirror of my mind further, learning from ordinary people who has a wonderful clarity of mind.


11) 天を恨み人をとがむることもあらじ

Tenwourami hitowotogamuru kotomoaraji

wagaayamachio omoukaeseba

Neither hard feelings towards the universe nor criticism of other people would occur if we notice our own mistakes.


12) いささかの傷なき玉もともすれば


Isasakano kizunakitamamo tomosureba 

chirinihikario ushinainikeri

Even a jewel without any flaws can easily lose its sparkle with dust.


13) 器にはしたがひながらいはがねも


Utsuwaniwa shitagainagara iwaganemo 

toosuwamizuno chikaranarikeri

Water is adaptable enough to allow its container to change its shape, however it is also so powerful that it has the strength to penetrate even a solid rock.



“Traditionally Reiju 靈授 (initiation) is given in person; face to face.

“Touch” (the laying-on of hands) plays a pivotal role in Reiju process; a series of things we do in order to achieve a particular result. Touch in the form of the laying-on of hands is to impart the healing energy and information to Reiki Ryoho students. There is an unbroken succession of Teachers and Shihans, linked by the sacred touch of Reiju ritual, right back to the founder, Usui Sensei.

Reiju with “touch” — a visual symbol of an unseen transmission of not just of the healing energy but also of the information. Touch is a means of communication, an expression of unity, a bonding of people. It is a key to giving and receiving information and to help us bond.

Is “distant (online) Reiju “possible?

Theoretically it seems possible, for there exists a distant healing in Reiki Ryoho systems. And yet we need to understand that sending Reiki energy from a distance to someone and passing (imparting) Reiki energy and the information on to another is a different story, and that the distant Reiju does lack an important and pivotal factor, that is, “TOUCH.” The pivotal factor of a good old tradition: “in person Reiju” and “touch” must be maintained.”
Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei’s statement from July, 2020.
Komyo ReikiDo© All rights reserved.

Komyo ReikiDo dis-allows on-line Reiki classes with distant Reiju & will not recognise certificates issued by these classes.

Komyo ReikiDo follows, preserves and keeps IN PERSON Reiju tradition alive with the highest respect to the Founder of the Japanese Healing Art, Usui Mikao Sensei.

Online Reiju is not allowed by Inamoto Sensei and is not recognized in the Komyo ReikiDo standards of teaching and practice.

Komyo ReikiDo Ukraine
Victoria Romanova

During Reiki Ryoho (Japanese Healing Art) sessions, some practitioners can be more sensitive than others, some may even feel byosen before a treatment starts. Some have psychic abilities and are able to hear, see or sense things that most people do not. If we experience all that, naturally we are tempted to think that we are doing the healing. We start to analyse what we feel, hear and see. We try to work out where the energy should go and what would be the best way to cure a disease or malfunction of the recipient – all because we sincerely want to help.

Often the question arises: What should we do when we became so sensitive, when we see and hear things, or feel pain in our body or strong hibiki in our hands?

Inamoto Sensei says: “It is all very personal, some people are more gifted than others, more sensitive or skilful. Not everyone has to have such gifts or abilities. It can be very helpful to sense imbalances or health disorders in recipients, but basically, we don’t need anything like that. We are here just to place our hands.”

Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei reminds us that: “Japanese Healing Art of Reiki Ryoho is not about doing or thinking. It is about SURRENDER 100% to the Universe. As Reiki Ryoho practitioners, we DO NOTHING and THINK NOTHING in the way of healing. Reiki knows where to go and how to heal for the highest good of the person. We need to be the purer (cleaner) Reiki channel (conduit) possible. Less ego, more room for love — the healing energy of the Universe.”

Inamoto Sensei’s advice to us is: “Do not get attached to your sensations. Your ego and self-clinging are an obstruction in the channel for Reiki healing energy to travel through. Keep your practice simple: Place your hands, surrender and smile. Reiki Ryoho is the art of surrendering.”

Author: Victoria Romanova
Certified Komyo ReikiDo Teacher / Shihan
Komyo ReikiDo© Ukraine. All rights reserved.
We welcome you to share this article among Reiki People with the reference to the source.

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Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, people all over the world have been struggling with all kinds of health issues and mental, emotional and spiritual disorders. Naturally, as Reiki Ryoho (Japanese Healing Art) practitioners, we want to do all we can to serve and support others. We may now be offering distant Reiki healing more often, individually or as part of a group.
Questions often arise around permission and distant healing. Are we allowed to do distant healing without permission? Should we inform recipients? Is it appropriate to send Reiki to someone without asking them? Could it cause bad karma?
Actually, the answer might be quite simple. Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei always says: “Reiki is the energy of the Universe. It is Reiki that does the fine job of healing. Reiki always works for the highest good of recipient”.
Inamoto Sensei reminds us that we do nothing in the way of healing. As Reiki Ryoho practitioners, we put our ego aside and just surrender to Reiki.
When asked about his own practice, approach, Inamoto Sensei usually answers: “I do distant Reiki healing with permission and without permission. Sometimes we cannot get it, especially when the person is in a coma or emergency room or just simply uncontactable”.
His advice to us is: “Follow your heart — your kokoro. If you feel more comfortable with permission, please ask for permission. But if it’s not possible to get a permission, remember that Reiki always works for the highest good with permission or without permission. Trust Reiki”.
Author: Victoria Romanova
光明靈氣道 Komyo ReikiDo© Ukraine
To learn more about the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki Ryoho or sign up for seminars with Inamoto Sensei, please contact us directly by email:;
and/or mobile: +380683167077 (WhatsApp/ Viber)
Sincerely and Gassho,
Certified Komyo ReikiDo Teacher / Shihan — Victoria Romanova
The Founder of Komyo ReikiDo® Ukraine, official representative of Inamoto Sensei.

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